What will I need to do as a foster parent?

Foster homes are responsible for the daily care of the foster cat or kittens, including feeding, administering any required medications, exercising, socializing, grooming, observing and evaluating general behavior and temperament, and of course providing patience, love, and security.  You need to have an extra room in your home where your foster pet can be isolated from your personal pets. Additionally, your personal pets must be current on vaccinations, as your veterinarian recommends, and treated with Revolution or Frontline on a monthly basis to help prevent the transmission of common skin parasites.

We request that all foster parents e-mail us pictures of their foster that we can post on Petfinder.  Additionally, we need a description of your foster, information about their personality traits and what type of home you believe would be best for the pet. We need this information within 7 days for adults and 10 days for kittens.

We also ask that you accommodate visits with potential adopters and give us feedback.  We do need to know that if we try and contact you that we will hear back from you within 24 hours. We may need to check up periodically on the foster’s health, ensure they get vaccine boosters when due and be able to schedule meetings with prospective adopters.

Will I get to choose the animal that I want to foster?

We will show you the animals that are in need of foster homes and you can let us know your preference. If we feel that the animal is a good match for your home, we will make arrangements with you to get the animal to your home.

Will the animal be healthy?

We do our best to treat for contagious disease in these animals upon arrival, but on occasion they are carrying an illness that could be spread to you or a resident pet. Your pet(s) should be current on vaccinations, as your veterinarian recommends, and treated with Revolution or Frontline on a monthly basis to help prevent the transmission of common skin parasites. If your pet(s) should show signs of disease, please contact your regular veterinarian as soon as possible.

The rescued animals are given dewormer upon arrival and sent home with additional medication. They will likely  have diarrhea for a few days and stool should be picked up right away. Worms are spread through fecal-oral contamination which means that a resident animal would have to step in infected feces and then lick their foot or eat the infected stool to get worms themselves.

How long does an animal stay in foster care?

The foster stay length varies depending on the animal's specific needs.  Animals with special needs may need to stay in foster care for a period of months. Some may stay only a few days. You should be aware that adult cats and black cats take longer to get adopted than kittens.

Do I have to be home with the animals all day?

Not necessarily. Many foster family members are employed outside the home and still provide a quality environment for their foster animal. We do require that any time you are unable to directly supervise the foster pet, they must be confined to a small, secure area.

What will it cost me to foster an animal?

Your cost should be limited to food, litter box, and litter.  Wave Animal Rescue pays for any necessary medical treatment the foster pet may require while under your care, including vaccinations, testing, medications, and spay/neuter services.  If your foster pet does need medical care, you will be asked to transport it to one of our veterinarians throughout the suburbs (Wheaton, Naperville, Crystal Lake).

What if I want to travel?
If you want to go away for a weekend or take a vacation, you can simply contact the foster coordinator who will arrange for a Wave member to cat-sit your foster pet if you can't find other arrangements. Just arrange in advance as soon as you as know.

What if I want to adopt the cat/kitten that I am fostering?

If you decide to be a foster home, it should be with the understanding that you are working toward helping a deserving animal find a final home. If you think you might like to adopt a cat/kitten, you must make the foster coordinator aware within two weeks of receiving the foster pet that you are considering adoption. If a family is considering your foster pet, you will not be able to adopt that pet unless the family decides not to go through with the adoption.  If you decide to proceed with adopting your foster pet, you are required to complete the adoption process and pay the posted adoption fee.