As a child growing up The WAVE was the logo of the team I swam on. The coaches of that team, that I loved with all my heart, taught me more life lessons than I could ever count and helped shape me into the person I am today. Our coach, Jon Brenner, has since passed away but his teachings live through me and the countless lives he touched. He taught me to be kind, to love life, live it to the fullest, always do my best, to strive to reach my goals, and to enjoy and help the others around me. He was an extremely giving man who lived through helping and teaching others and the world could use more people like him. I think of him and his values frequently and try to display his positive attitude in my daily life.

At it's base, WAVE, is a word that means a swell of water collecting and affecting the water around it to move with it or out of its way as it drives toward its destination. The WAVE makes impact only to recede, gather force, and once again repeat the action. Over time it's persistence and impact changes the land it connects with and in turn the vast world it is a part of. This slow but determined and persistent effort to chip away and change the world's view of the animals we share it with is the mindset with which I approach animal rescue. To collect others along my way that want to join the effort and not let the immovable forces deter me.

I am often asked where the name Wave Animal Rescue came from and I give the simple answer: That we wanted to make an impact and so picked a word the embodied that. Therefore, our tag line is “changing the tide for pets in need” but in reality for me the name means so much more and is a daily reminder of my mission and the values that I want to live my life by. I am proud and honored to have been taught by and a part of Jon Brenner’s life. I hope that someday my actions will have an impact on those around me so that Jon’s values continue to make waves which make the world a better place to live in.

Wave Animal Rescue is a corporation for the charitable purposes of preventing cruelty to animals under Section 501(c)(3) of the current Internal Revenue Code, or any corresponding Section of any future federal tax code. The purpose includes but is not limited to all those activities, work, and objectives as related to the adoption, rescue and/or humane treatment of dogs, cats, and other animals as well as to educate the public and shelters on issues related to the overpopulation of animals and the proper care for animals.

Chandra Riberich
Founder, Wave Animal Rescue

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